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The Journal of Orgonomy
Innovative, Intelligent, Insightful.
NOTE: This special double issue is the final edition to be overseen by Charles Konia, M.D. who is ending his 28-year tenure as editor. He will be replaced by Associate Editor Howard Chavis, M.D., starting with Volume 54 no. 1.
Journal of Orgonomy Volume 53 no. 1 & 2
Publishers note: A farewell to Charles Konia, M.D. in his role as editor of the Journal of Orgonomy from ACO President Peter Crist, M.D.

A final editorial note from Editor Charles Konia, M.D.

1. "On The History of Medical Orgonomy." Alberto Foglia, M.D. offers a compelling perspective on medical orgone therapy tracing the roots of functional thinking to antiquity through its evolution to the present.

2. An excerpt from Wilhelm Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism. Prescient in its outlook, Reich's ideas from the 1930s are put into perspective for today's readers with a foreword by ACO President Peter Crist, M.D. and an editor's note by Virginia Whitener, Ph.D.

3. A ground-breaking view of physical and mental health is presented in a reprint, "The Orgonomic Concept of Health and its Consequences," (Vol. 45 no. 1) written by Ola Raknes, Ph.D., an associate of Wilhelm Reich, with an editor's note by Salvatore Iacobello, M.D.

4. Charles Konia, M.D. offers a significant observation on how the shift to an anti-authoritarian society has impacted the bio-psychic structure of current patients in "Medical Orgone Therapy in Anti-Authoritarian Society" with an editor's note by Virginia Whitener, Ph.D.

5. The continued decline of traditional psychiatry and its adverse effect on patients inspired us to reprint "The DSM V and the Crisis in Modern Psychiatry" (Vol. 45 no. 1) by Salvatore Iacobello, M.D.

6. The epic play, On The Shoulders Of a Giant, by Charles Konia, M.D., performed in Princeton, NJ on November 15, 2014, is printed here in full with an important perspective in an editor's note from Virginia Whitener Ph.D., as well as an author's note by Dr. Konia. The play imagines a modern day encounter between Wilhelm Reich and Sigmund Freud.

7. ACO President Peter Crist, M.D. offers "The History of Social Orgonomy," a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the genesis of social orgonomy from its beginnings with Wilhelm Reich and its transformation over the decades to the present.

8. "The Emotional Plague in Every Day Life." Virginia Whitener, Ph.D.'s detailed overview along with six brief articles presents varied and wide-ranging manifestations of the emotional plague in today's world, from disturbing scenarios in the workplace and academia to a teen's prescient response to the chaotic world around him in 1967.

9. Wilhelm Reich's daughter, Lore Reich Rubin, M.D., gives a searing portrait of her father in an excerpt from the soon-to-be-published English version of her book, Memories of a Chaotic World: Growing Up as the Daughter of Annie Reich and Wilhelm Reich. ACO President Peter Crist, M.D. provides an editor's note giving perspective on this selection from her memoir taken from a chapter entitled: "From Berlin (1931 to 1933) Family and Political Chaos."

10. A reprint of Elsworth Baker, M.D.'s seminal article, "Orgone Therapy," (Vol. 43 no. 2) is a cogent primer on medical orgone therapy geared to the orgonomist in training. An editor’s note by Salvatore Iacobello, M.D. is included.

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