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Volumes 48 to 49

Vol. 48 No. 1
Editorial - The Psychiatric Epidemiologist -- Konia
A Young Hysteric with Terrifying Intrusive Thoughts -- Rosin
The Importance of Character Diagnosis in Working with Adolescents and Their Families -- Chastka
A Patient with Multiple Abdominal-Pelvic Pathologies -- Foglia, Alberto
Right from the Start: Pregnancy, Birth and Emotions -- Marcel
An Orgonomic Approach to a Patient with Synthetic Marijuana-Induced Psychosis -- Marcel
The Schizophrenic Biopathy Part I-The Bio-Energetic Basis of Auditory Hallucinations -- Willie
Human Cluelessness -- Konia
What Does Orgonomy Bring to Working with Couples -- Crist
Clinical Brief - The True Basis of Resurrection -- Crist
Notes from the Field - Parakeet Behavior at a Clay Lick in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador -- Sargent
Questions and Answers :
How do you understand the increased popularity and the plothora of gyms, work out facilities and sports clubs in our country? -- Whitener
Why are TV talk shows so popular? -- Whitener

Vol. 48 No. 2
Editorial - A College Course in Sociopolitical Orgonomy -- Konia
Medical Orgone Therapy: Historical and Social Context -- Crist
Tourette's Syndrome as a Symptom of Character -- Heller
Depression and Antidepressants: Life Without Medication -- Rosin
There Must Be More to Life -- Crist
Little Mario and Jane Goodall's Flint -- Foglia, Alberto
An Overview of Western Civilization from the Perspective of Human Cluelessness -- Konia
Practical Functional Economics(Part V) --
Notes from The Field - A Case for Integration: Thinking and Biophysical Functioning -- Whitener
Questions and Answers :
Is there an emotional plague manifestation that could be compared to Ebola epidemic? -- Konia
Has there been any recognition of the eye block in infants in traditional psychiatry? -- Konia

Vol. 49 No. 1
Editorial - Comment on "Securing a Beachhead" Editorial of Vol . 44 No. 2 -- Konia
A Tough Guy with a Heart of Gold -- Chastka
The Importance of the Character Diagnosis in Treating Grief -- Marcel
The Infestation of the Emotional Plague in Modern Psychiatry -- Bosworth
Debilitating Pain: Modern Psychiatry vs. Medical Orgone Therapy -- Foglia, Alberto
Practical Functional Economics(Part VI) --
Project Protozoa: Experiment Observations -- Dunlap
Notes from The Field - Sparkling Water -- Whitener
Questions and Answers :
Why does sexual role-reversal play such a dominant role in our culture today? -- Konia
Both the political left and right appear to embrace the idea of climate change. How did they come to agree on this matter? -- Konia

Vol. 49 No. 2
Editorial -- Konia
A Case of Damage to a Patient Caused by Lay Therapy and Cultism -- Rosin
Applied Orgonmetry VII: The Plasmatic System -- Konia
Photographic Images of Orgone Energy Functions IV: The Life Formula -- Foglia, Alberto
Anti-Authoritarian Society: The Undermining of Physicians' Natural Authority -- Iacobello
The Sexual Struggle of Youth -- Apple
Notes from The Field:
A Turn for the Better: Mother-Baby Bonding and Changes in the Delivery Room-- Whitener
Gender Ideology Harms Children -- Cretella, Van Meter, McHugh
Questions and Answers :
Will theoretical physics conitnue to find smaller and smaller particles until we can't go amy smaller? Or is there a finite smallness? -- Konia
Do you have a theory why violence is so much more interesting the people than other things? -- Holbrook

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