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The American College of Orgonomy (ACO) was established in 1968 and founded by Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, M.D. at the request of Wilhelm Reich who asked him to assume responsibility for the future of orgonomy. Its purpose is to set and maintain standards for all work in orgonomy, to promote and encourage scientific work in the field of orgonomy, and to provide training, education and information to those who are interested.

Located near Princeton, New Jersey, the ACO is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization devoted to setting and maintaining standards for work in the field of orgonomy. The College provides information, training, and research support for those interested and involved in orgonomy.

Today the science of orgonomy brings a natural, energetic understanding and approach to psychiatry, medicine, the social sciences, biology, and atmospheric environmental research.

The College conducts a postgraduate medical orgonomy training program for qualified physicians and psychiatrists. Medical orgonomists specialize in a unique treatment method that employs both a characterologic and somatic approach that can effectively treat a wide range of emotional illnesses.

The College also offers educational programs, including conferences, speakers bureau lectures, and laboratory courses for professionals and interested laymen. The ACO conducts and supports basic and applied physical, biological, and clinical orgone research. In addition, the College publishes The Journal of Orgonomy and makes available for sale many books on the subject of orgonomy.

Training in Medical Orgonomy and Character Analysis for Physicians
Qualified physicians are given comprehensive instruction in orgonomic medical science, the clinical assessment of character structure, character analysis, and psychiatric orgone therapy.

Certification in Medical Orgonomy
In 1973, the ACO established the American Board of Medical Orgonomy to certify physicians in the practice of orgone therapy. The requirements include graduation from an approved, accredited medical or osteopathic school; board certification in an approved specialty and at least one year of residency training in psychiatry. Also required is a minimum of three years of courses and seminars in medical orgonomy; characterologic restructuring by an approved medical orgonomist; and satisfactory completion of written and oral examinations.

Laboratory Workshops in Orgone Biophysics
These workshops acquaint the student with fundamental phenomena in orgonomic biology and physics through direct experience and experiment. Four-day Orgone Biology and Orgone Biophysics and Research courses are prerequisites for certification in medical orgonomy. These courses and a two-day introductory course for laymen are offered periodically and are open to the public.

The Journal of Orgonomy
Published semi-annually since 1967, the Journal contains articles on clinical case studies and theory, innovative physical and biological research and social sciences.

Orgonomic Publications of the ACO
Publications relevant to the field of orgonomy, including back issues of The Journal of Orgonomy, are for sale. Some out-of-print publications are available.

Public Presentations
The ACO is presenting a series of social orgonomy talks whose purpose is to inform the public about this field of study and especially to show how these processes manifest in attendees' own lives and relationships, as well as in society at large.

Speakers Bureau

Invitational Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops
The ACO provides support for organizations in this country and abroad that are interested in the science of orgonomy and wish to conduct lectures, seminars, or workshops.

Clearing-house for Information
The College responds to requests for information on all aspects of orgonomy.

The ACO sponsors and supports scientists undertaking basic and applied research in orgonomy. The College accepts grants for programs.

Training Program
The training program of the American College of Orgonomy is dedicated to providing its participants with a solid understanding of the theoretical foundation of medical orgone therapy, and with the clinical skills necessary for the responsible practice of this unique form of biopsychiatric treatment developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., a student and colleague of Sigmund Freud.

The American College of Orgonomy offers training in medical orgonomy to qualified physicians in the fundamentals of orgonomic medical science, clinical assessment of character structure, character analysis and psychiatric orgone therapy. Training consists of personal characteranalytic and biophysical restructuring, didactic and clinical seminars, and clinical supervision and laboratory work in orgone biophysics. Periodic examinations are given to evaluate the participant's progress.


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