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What is Orgonomy
Orgonomy is the natural science of orgone energy and its functions. This energy obeys certain laws, and Wilhelm Reich described the functions of the energy and its effects very specifically. To date, we know of no scientific evidence that has been presented that allows us to overturn or even modify any of Reich's original premises or formulations. His energetic theory provides a unified scientific explanation for the development of all living organisms and the structure of the physical world - from the formation of a single-celled protozoa to the construction of the cosmos.

It is important to note that Reich foresaw that his scientific discoveries risked distortion and warned against the mystification of natural energetic functions, for he believed that such distortions are the consequence of armoring.

What is Orgone Energy
Orgone is Wilhelm Reich's name for the energy from which all nature is created -- the creative force in nature.

Reich proposed some general laws and principles regarding orgone and how it functions. Orgone is:
(1) Mass free and has no inertia (making it difficult to measure)
(2) Universal
(3) The medium for electromagnetic and gravitational activity
(4) That from which matter is created

What is Armoring
Armor refers to the bodily contractions that involuntarily occur when an individual suffers a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, once armor forms, it takes on a life of its own and forever has an effect on all future functioning.

It is the total defense apparatus of the organism, consisting of the rigidities of the character and the chronic spasms of the musculature. Armor functions essentially as a defense against the breakthrough of emotion—particularly anxiety, rage, and sexual excitation. Armoring is usually described as either:

(1) Character Armor: The sum total of typical character attitudes that an individual develops as a defense against anxiety, resulting in character rigidity, lack of contact, or "deadness.
(2) Muscular Armor: The sum total of the muscular attitudes (chronic muscular spasms) that an individual develops as a block against the breakthrough of emotional and organ sensations, in particular anxiety, rage, and sexual excitation.


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