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Volumes 27 to 30

Vol. 27 No. 1
The Sociology of the Controversy -- Arp
Multiple Personality Disorder -- Blake
Nature, Character, and Personality (I) -- Crist
The Relationship of Individual and Group Character -- Goldberg
Celestial Motion (I)
The Plasmatic System (I) -- Konia
Orgone Therapy (XIV) -- Konia
Obesity in a Phallic Character -- Rosin
Public Policy and Some Personal Reminiscences -- Sowell

Vol. 27 No. 2
The Role of the Social Façade in Modern Life -- Chavis
What is Science? -- Crist
Family and Couples Therapy -- Crist
Characteranalytic Organization Consultation -- Goldberg
Celestial Motion (II)
Use of Traditional Therapeutic Techniques -- Karpf
Medical Orgone Therapy with Children -- Rosin

Vol. 28 No. 1
The Day I Was Absolutely Perfect -- Caldwell
A Dramatic Visual Reaction to Anxiety -- Crist
The Orgonomic Treatment of Serious Anxiety: Two Cases -- Karpf
The Plasmatic System, Part II: The Endocrine System -- Konia
Anxiety Resulting From Inadequate Pelvic Armor -- Konia
A PC Twist Perverts Law of Self-Defense -- Krauthammer
Visualizing the Limit of Thought -- Meyerowitz

Vol. 28 No. 2
Motivation for Therapy: Two Cases -- Crist
Medical Orgone Therapy of a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -- Crist
Orgonomic Treatment of Two Cases of Panic Attack -- Foglia, Alberto
Anxiety and Socio-Political Mangerial Attitudes -- Goldberg
A Favoarable Prognosis as Evidenced by the Development of Anxiety
An Orally Repressed Phallic Character with Anxiety -- Karpf
An Oral Unsatisfied Hysteric -- Konia
Orgone Therapy (XV) -- Konia
The Significance and Treatment of Anxiety in Orgone Therapy -- Nicola

Vol. 29 No. 1
Character-Analysis in the Medical Orgone Therapy of a Two Year Old -- Crist
The Energetic Function of Tics in Tourette's Syndrome -- Foglia, Alberto
Two Cases of Difficulties in Breast-Feeding
Orgone Therapy (XVI) -- Konia
Orgone Therapy of A Child: A Narrative -- Rosin
The Child as the Presenting Symptom of a Parent's Illness -- Whitener

Vol. 29 No. 2
Marijuana Use by Adolescents -- Apple
Impulsivity and Its Bioenergetic Relationship to ADHD -- Crist
Treatment of Adults with Children in Mind
The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis: Depression in a Schizophrenic Adolescent -- Heller
A Schizophrenic Child with Learning Disorder -- Konia
Orgone Therapy (XVII) -- Konia
Medical Orgone Therapy of Child: A Narrative (II) -- Rosin
A Father and Child -- Whitener

Vol. 30 No. 1
Edmund Burke and the French Revolution
Childhood Misery and the Health Care System -- Iacobello
Reactionary Socio-Political Traits in a Paranoid Schizophrenic Character -- Karpf
Neither Left Nor Right (II) -- Konia
A Politician's Dream is a Businessman's Nightmare -- McGovern
Happiness and Totalitarianism: A Personal Testimonial -- Meran
From the History of Orgonomy: Masses and State: To the Question of the Role-- Reich
Psychiatric Apartheid -- Satel
In Over Their Heads and Unaware of it -- Sowell

Vol. 30 No. 2
Suicide of the West: The Guilt of the Liberal -- Burnham
Elements of Igno-Ebonics -- Cosby
Couples and Families: Satisfactions and Problems -- Crist
The Pursuit of Happiness -- Deligdisch
Neither Left Nor Right (II continued) -- Konia
From the History of Orgonomy: Masses and State: To the Question of the Role -- Reich

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