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Volumes 37 to 41

Vol. 37 No. 1
An Overview of the Biopathic Diathesis -- Crist
The Biopathic Diathesis -- Dew
A Childhood Experience of the Emotional Plague -- Hale
Functional Cosmology, Part III
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy -- Raknes
Orgonomic First Aid as Treatment for a Tic of Recent Onset -- Rosin
Relief of Severe Symptoms in an Adolescent -- Whitener
Notes from The Field: "Where's Papa?" -- Whitener

Vol. 37 No. 2
Marijuana's Role in Inducing Social & Individual Chaos -- Apple
Medical Orgonomy -- Baker
The Adolescent Problem -- Baker
Impulsivity and Its Bioenergetic Relationship to ADHD -- Crist
Treatment of Adults with Children in Mind
The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis -- Heller
Three Children Treated With Medical Orgone Therapy -- Konia
Anxiety: Curse or Blessing? -- Konia
The Origin of Religious Feeling -- Reich
Medical Orgone Therapy as a Treatment of Infants -- Rosin

Vol. 38 No. 1
Some Observations on the Bionous Disintegration of Glass -- Davidson
The Biopathic Diathesis: Obesity -- Dew
Functional Cosmology, Part IV
Book Review: Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War
Applied Orgonometry II, The Origin and Function of Thought -- Konia
Obesity: A Scientific Update -- Livingstone
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy -- Raknes
A Case of Obesity in an Oral Unsatisfied Hysteric -- Rosin
Changes in Parenting with Progress in Therapy -- Whitener
Notes from the Field: "Childcare," In Vitro Fertilization -- Whitener

Vol. 38 No. 2
An Overview of the Hyperthyroid Biopathy: Update and Analysis -- Crist
Phenol & the Bionous Disintegration of Vegetable Matter: Additional Observations-- Davidson
The Biopathic Diathesis: Hyperthyroidism -- Dew
Medical Orgone Therapy and the Medical DOR-buster in the Treatment of Graves' Disease-- Foglia, Alberto
Functional Cosmology, Part V
Applied Orgonometry III, Armored Thought -- Konia
Black and White Race Relations in the United States -- Konia
Brief Clinical Report: An Eruption of the Emotional Plague -- Konia
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy -- Raknes

Vol. 39 No. 1
DOR Sickness & the CO-Hemoglobin Reaction in Overcharged Blood -- Davidson
The Biopathic Diathesis: Headache -- Dew
Pleasure and Anxiety: An Important Mistranslation -- Foglia
Somatic Biopathies of the Ocular Segment (Part II): Migraine -- Konia
The Democratization of Islam -- Konia
The Migraine Biopathy: A Review of Recent Findings with Functional Analysis -- Livingstone
Functional Headaches -- Nelson
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy -- Raknes

Vol. 39 No. 2
Social Orgonomy: A Training Program for the Future -- Apple
Photographic Images of Orgone Energy Functions-I: The Ameba -- Foglia, Alberto
Vova the Dread -- Khrushcheva
Applied Orgonometry IV: Mysticism -- Konia
The Collision Between Islam and the West -- Konia
The Contact Children Deserve:Reflections on the First Year of Orgone Therapy -- Morgan
Psychoanalysis during National Socialism -- Nitzschke
What is Character Analysis? -- Whitener
Character Analysis of an Adolescent -- Whitener

Vol. 40 No. 1
Schizophrenia-Dynamics and Treatment -- Baker
The Electroscope (Part II) -- Baker, Courtney
Celestial Motion (Part I)
Effect of Adolescent Marijuana Use: A Case History
The Application of Mechanistic Materialism in the Natural Sciences and the Emotional Plague-- Konia
The Plasmatic System (Part I) -- Konia
The Biophysical Basis of Sociopolitical Thought -- Konia
Orgonotic Contact (Part I) -- Konia
The Genital Character in the Genital World -- Mathews
My Birthing Experience: Naïve and Misinformed -- Toscano

Vol. 40 No. 2
The Perihelion Spiral -- Baker, Courtney
The Biosocial Basis of Family and Couples Therapy -- Crist
Medical Orgone Therapy & the DOR-Buster in the Treatment of Graves' Disease -- Foglia, Alberto
Functional Cosmology (Part IV)
Functional Cosmology (Part VI)
The Thermal Effects of the Reich DOR-Buster -- Konia
The Plasmatic System (Part II) -- Konia
Orgonotic Contact (Part II) -- Konia
Finger Temperature Effects of the Orgone Accumulator -- Snyder, Neil

Vol. 41 No. 1
For a Good Night's Sleep: A Case of Anxiety and Insomnia -- Chastka
In Seminar with Dr. Elsworth Baker -- Dunlap
The Autonomic Nervous System and the Biology of Sleep (Part 1)
In Seminar with Dr. Elsworth Baker
Applied Orgonometry V: The Function of Dreams -- Konia
An Address by Wilhelm Reich: Foreword to the 1950 International Journal of Orgonomy -- Reich
Sleep Problems in a 20 Month Old Girl -- Rosin
Notes from the Field - Adolescent Sexualty in Rural South Carolina-- Whitener

Vol. 41 No. 2
The History of the Development of Medical Orgone Therapy -- Chastka
Reich's Mind-Body Approach: First Aid in a General Medical Hospital -- Chavis
Can Migraine Headache by Treated without Medication? -- Crist
Wilhelm Reich's Legacy: Bombshells in Science -- Crist
A Case of Recurrent Psychosis -- Foglia
Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Elsworth Baker
The Decline and Fall of Modern Psychiatry -- Konia
Introduction to the 2007 ACO Annual Conference -- Rosin

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