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Volumes 42 to 44

Vol. 42 No. 1
The Perceptual Function -- Konia
Photographic Images of Orgone Energy Functions -- Foglia, Alberto
A Functional Analysis of Three “Mild” Analgesics -- Davidson
An Anxious Preadolescent Boy -- Foglia, Alberto
Social Factors Impacting Child and Adolescent Development -- Apple
An Encounter with the Emotional Plague in the Workplace-- McCann
The Psychology of Sham Peer Review -- Huntoon
Orgonotic Contact IV: The Stream of Life (Part I)-- Konia
Notes from The Field - "Does It Hurt?" -- Whitener

Vol. 42 No. 2
Social Factors Impacting Child and Adolescent Development (Part II) -- Apple
An Emotional Plague Attack -- Chastka
What is the Emotional Plague? A Brief Introduction -- Crist
Panic Attack-Treatment Without Medication -- Foglia, Alberto
The Autonomic Nervous System and the Biology of Sleep
A Nine-Year-Old Boy with Anger and Nausea -- Heller
Does Traditional Psychiatry Help Our Patients? -- Iacobello
Orgonotic Contact V: The Stream of Life (Part II)-- Konia
What's Gotten into Kids These Days?-- Whitener

Vol. 43 No. 1
The Crippling of Infants: Swaddling and Other "Well-Intentioned" Assaults -- Apple
Excerpt from "Suicide of the West" - Pas D'Ennemi a Gauche -- Burnham
Book Reviews: "Owen" and "Feathers" -- Chavis
Guns in the Hands of Responsible People -- Fentiman
Photographic Images of Orgone Energy Functions III: The Jellyfish -- Foglia, Alberto
"Word Language": Character Analysis in the Early Stages of Medical Orgone Therapy -- Holbrook
Circumcision: An Assault on the Newborn -- Konia
Government Price-Fixing in Medicine: The Demanding Entitled Patient -- Savage
No Man is an Island: The Individual and Society from an Orgonomic Viewpoint -- Whitener
Book Review: "The Happiest Baby on the Block" -- Whitener

Vol. 43 No. 2
Orgone Therapy -- Baker, Elsworth
Mechanistic Psychiatry at Its Worst -- Chavis
Bad Grades at School -- Foglia, Alberto
Essential Hypertension - Three Cases Discussed from an Orgonomic Perspective -- Foglia, Alberto
Medical Orgone Therapy with Children: Advantages and Obstacles -- Iacobello
The Practice of Medical Orgone Therapy In Anti-Authoritarian Society -- Konia
The Origins of Political Correctness -- Lind

Vol. 44 No. 1
Working with the Wilhelm Reich Archives at the Countway Library of Medicine -- Dunlap
Practical Functional Economics (Part I)
Index by Title (Volumes 34 to 43)
The Interdependence Between Consciousness and Self-perception -- Konia
A Brief Introduction to Functional Economics -- Konia
Affect Block in a Catatonic Schizophrenic Character -- Whitener

Vol. 44 No. 2
Children of the Emotional Plague: Victims and Archtects of Evil -- Apple
An Angry Baby Turns 31-- Chastka
A Case of Folie a Deux-- Chastka
Practical Functional Economics (Part lI)
Index by Author (Volumes 34 to 43)
Ocular Mobilization in an Oral Unsatisfied Hysteric-- Heller
A Schizophrenic Approaches the Couch -- Holbrook
Applied Orgonometry V: The Mechanistic-Mystical Distortion of Nature -- Konia
Observations of the Emotional Plague in Everyday Life -- Rosin

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