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American College of Orgonomy
Social Orgonomy Training Program
Requirements and Application Process

The Social Orgonomy Training Program of the American College of Orgonomy (ACO) offers training in the application of orgonomic principles within the social realm.

We accept application from candidates in two categories:

1. Social orgonomy therapists are individuals engaged in clinically oriented work in fields that address interpersonal dynamics and problems within social structures including work with individuals, families, and work organizations. The requirements for training in this category include character-restructuring with an approved medical orgonomist on the training faculty, completion of or active enrollment in an advanced degree program in an appropriate field of social intervention such as psychology, social work, nursing, marital and family therapy, or organizational development.

2. Other individuals who are not engaged in providing therapy but may apply the knowledge of social orgonomy in a wide range of fields such as those who work as teachers, administrators, politicians, writers, businesspeople, attorneys, managers, etc. The requirements for training in this category include character-restructuring with an approved medical orgonomist and at least a bachelor’s degree.

The curriculum focuses on the application of bioenergetic principles to interactions in the social realm and begins with the Didactic Training Seminar. This is followed by a social orgonomy case presentation seminar, and individual supervision and for social orgonomy therapists: guest attendance and participation in the character analytic seminar that is part of the medical orgonomy training program.

Following recommendation by the candidate’s therapist the process of enrollment begins with a written application, which is provided by the ACO upon request. This is followed by a personal interview with the Social Orgonomy Training Subcommittee and ACO Training Committee who together approve candidates for training.

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