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The American College of Orgonomy course in sociopolitical orgonomy presents a functional perspective on the development of politics, with a special focus on the history of the development of the American political system. The course uses Dr. Charles Konia’s recent book, Neither Left nor Right: Preventing America’s Decline into Socialism, as a basic text, and draws from other literary sources on sociopolitics and social orgonomy as well. The destructive effects of mechano-mystical thinking and the influence of the emotional plague on the development and functioning of our political system is explored. The question of how to resolve the ideological conflict between the political Left and Right and reverse our current social decline is discussed.

Coordinated by Dr. Edward Chastka and taught by members and clinical associates of the American College of Orgonomy, the current course consists of six weekend sessions each consisting of two, one-hour lectures from 11 AM to 1 PM on the third Saturday of each month as listed below. The fee for the course is $500. The application process for the current course is now closed. To request information about future courses, email or call (732) 821-1144.

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Course Schedule:

Lecture 1 - Chapter 1:  A Brief Overview of Political Thought - Dr. Salvatore Iacobello 
Lecture 2 - Chapter 2:  The Organization and Development of Armored Societies - Dr. Edward Chastka

Lecture 3 - Chapter 3:  The Age of Mechanistic Materialism: The Destructive Effects of Mechanistic-Mystical Thought and Behavior on Human Life - Dr. Robert Harman
Lecture 4 - Chapter 6:  Human Armor:  Why Humanity's Social Endeavors Fail - Dr. David Holbrook

Lecture 5 - Chapter 4:  The Exception that Proves the Rule: The Natural Organization of America - Dr. Peter Crist
Lecture 6 - Chapter 5:  An American Revolution that Failed (The "Sexual Revolution" of the 1960s) - Dr. Dale Rosin

Lecture 7 - Chapter 7:  The Emotional Plague - Dr. Peter Crist                   
Lecture 8 - Chapter 8:  Sociopolitical Character: The Biological Origin of Human Partisanship - Dr. Peter Crist         

Lecture 9 - Chapter 9:  The Transformation of American Society - Dr. Philip Heller
Lecture10 - Chapter 10:  Society and the Emotional Plague - Dr. David Holbrook

Lecture 11 - Chapter 11:  The Resolution of the Ideological Contradiction of the Left and the Right - Dr. Alberto Foglia
Lecture 12 - Chapter 12:  What Must be Done to Reverse the Social Decline - Dr. Edward Chastka